Aboriginal Justice Strategy

About the strategy

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has developed an Aboriginal Justice Strategy (AJS) to improve legal aid services to Aboriginal people, including First Nation people, Métis people and Inuit people, regardless of whether they live on or off-reserve, are status or non-status or live in rural or urban contexts.

The mandate of LAO's Aboriginal Justice Strategy (AJS) is to establish a plan to achieve measurable improvements in service to Aboriginal people.

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Celebrate National Aboriginal Day June 21st

In recognition of the contributions of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples to Ontario, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), would like to wish everyone a very happy National Aboriginal Day! Participate in the celebration by attending local events or dedicating some time to learning about your local Aboriginal communities and their cultures. Please visit Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s website for a list of local events being hosted across the province.

National Aboriginal Day is celebrated every year to honour and recognize the existing rights and valuable contributions of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples of Canada. It is no coincidence that the national holiday falls on the summer solstice. For many First Nation cultures, the summer solstice is a time of spiritual cleansing and celebration of the changing season. This day has great spiritual significance to many Aboriginal cultures and symbolizes respect and commitment to the recognition of the different cultures of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

A Brief History of National Aboriginal Day

  • 1982    Assembly of First Nations calls for the creation of June 21st as National    Aboriginal Solidarity Day
  • 1990    Québec legislature recognizes June 21st as a day to celebrate Aboriginal culture
  • 1995   Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples recommends the designation of a National First Peoples Day
  • 1996    June 21st is declared National Aboriginal Day by former Governor-General Romeo LeBlanc
  • 2013    Chiefs in Assembly pass a resolution calling for the Government of Canada to declare June 21st a national holiday known as Indigenous Peoples Day

Through the dedication of its staff, LAO is committed to recognizing the importance and uniqueness of First Nation, Métis and Inuit people across Ontario. Through its Aboriginal Justice Strategy, the organization aims to achieve measurable improvements to legal aid services for Aboriginal peoples.