Racialized communities strategy

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Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has committed to developing a multi-year, multi-faceted, province-wide racialized

communities strategy that will build upon the services and supports that LAO already has in place.



Racialized Communities Strategy consultation 2017

Consultation status: Open


In 2016, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) announced it was developing a strategy to address some of the issues faced by racialized communities when it comes to the legal services they need. Immediately following that announcement, LAO started meeting with those who work with racialized communities and those in the justice system.

Following over a year of meetings, LAO has started to address what it has heard through a number of initiatives including an education grant and the translation of frequently requested brochures in the top requested languages.

The Racialized Communities Strategy team has also written a consultation paper, which serves as a starting point for discussions this fall for a series of in-person and online sessions with clients, lawyers, community legal clinics and other community agencies to build on what was already heard in the first phase of consultations.

LAO is asking for feedback and ideas on what it can do to enhance the services it provides to racialized communities.

Consultation session dates and locations will be announced as they become available.

Key documents

Development of a Racialized Communities Strategy
Consultation paper / July 2017 / HTML

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