Domestic violence strategy

About the strategy

Legal Aid Ontario's Domestic Violence Strategy aims to strengthen the capacity of lawyers,

frontline workers and management to better serve clients who have experienced domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence Strategy

Infographic: Getting help from a family court support worker

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If you’re a woman who’s experiencing domestic violence and in the process of going through the family court system, you can get free help from a family court support worker.

You don’t need to provide any documents to prove abuse in order to use these services. All services are confidential and available in English, French and other languages if you ask for it.

The program recognizes the unique needs of:

  • Francophone and First Nation, Métis and Inuit women
  • women with disabilities
  • immigrant women
  • lesbian and transgendered women
  • women who are more comfortable communication in a language other than English or French

What does a family court support worker do?

  • provides information about the family court process
  • helps you prepare for proceedings
  • helps you document the abuse you have experienced
  • refers you to other community services and supports, such as lawyers or Legal Aid Ontario
  • helps you make a safety plan, such as getting to and from the court safely
  • if appropriate, accompanies you to court proceedings

Family court support workers don’t offer legal advice and their help isn’t intended to replace advice from a lawyer.

The growing demand for family court support workers

In 2015, according to data published by the Ministry of the Attorney General:

  2011/12 2012/13
Number of clients served 2,025 7,869
Number of times information about family court was provided 2,285 9,260
Number of safety plans developed 1,285 5,056
Number of times assistance with legal aid applications was provided 583 2,620
Number of referrals provided to clients for other services 3,717 13,205

How do I get help from a family court support worker?

These workers are available across the province. You can find a service provider in your community by visiting the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Family Court Support Worker Program page:

If you have questions or need help finding your service provider, please call the Victim Support Line toll-free at 1-888-579-2888.